Why is LA BRASERIA written in capital letters?

Have you ever been to one of those cities where gastronomy forms a natural part of its personality? Paris, Tokyo, San Sebastián, New York, Bangkok… they all have an important food culture and in each and every one of them you eat very well.

Well, in any of these cities, you could perfectly have encountered LA BRASERIA, due to its culinary excellence. But LA BRASERIA is in Mallorca. So… if you’re lucky enough to be on the island, you can check out for yourself what it means to eat more than well, and understand why LA BRASERIA is written in capital letters.


The crossroads restaurant

If you’re going to Formentor, Cala Figuera, Cala Bóquer or maybe Port de Pollença, you pass by LA BRASERIA. If you wish to go to Alcúdia and see the impressive Pollença Bay, you pass by LA BRASERIA. If you visit Lluc or travel through Tramuntana mountain range, you pass by LA BRASERIA. And when you go back after that wonderful day at the beach… yes, you also pass by LA BRASERIA.

It may seem like a place that you simply pass by, but if you look for a place where to eat well, you’ll go straight there.

The intense grill flavour

It is logical that everyone loves the taste of this cuisine; charcoal and fire are closely related to the human beings from the beginning of time. But to cook with a grill is not about putting food on a grid; it’s crucial to learn the secrets behind the technique, to gain experience and to have a professional culinary team.

The Josper oven, the full guarantee

At LA BRASERIA, we have the essential tool for the most demanding grill kitchen: the Josper oven. Grill and oven in one, it obtains the perfect point in flavour, cooking and of course in texture.

Creativity with fire

Rubén Uzquiano, our head Chef, fully masters the techniques for grill cooking. In his home country, Bolivia, this culinary method is almost an innate skill; something natural and already part of the great cooks’ DNA. Rubén does not only have the key to the secrets behind the best results and the perfect cooking point of meat; there are many other dishes that reflect his talent with the grill, some more elaborate than others, according to the exact measure they require to be on point.

Local produce

We want to ensure we offer the highest quality of our produce because it’s the first step towards an optimal result. That is why we trust and rely on our local suppliers and their excellent produce. Among these we find the Cooperativa de Pollença, our own local lamb breeders cooperate, which provides us with their unique and fully guaranteed product.

Pure house water

Food is important, but so are the beverages. The water we serve at LA BRASERIA is purified, with a low mineralisation and of the highest quality, served in recycled glass bottles. This way, we foment sustainability and avoid unnecessary plastic waste.



When you’re enjoying yourself, schedules cease to exist

When in Mallorca, it’s impossible not to enjoy yourself. Time passes quickly without you even noticing and then it’s suddenly lunch time! And you’d love to stay a bit longer on the beach… No problem! Come when it suits you – that’s definitely the best time for lunch or dinner and to enjoy our food!

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LA BRASERIA has got the Travelers’ Choice award!

Tripadvisor awards the Travelers’ Choice award to accommodations, attractions and restaurants that consistently have excellent traveler reviews and are among the top 10% of Tripadvisor properties.

“Totalmente recomendable”

Un lugar muy agradable, con personal atento y una cocina fantástica. Totalmente recomendable tanto para ir en familia como en pareja


Fantástico!! Ambiente selecto y tranquilo,Buen servicio, alta cocina con excelente presentación, súper recomendable para cualquier ocasión especial. Volveremos sin duda! “

“Sin palabras”

Reservamos para compartir con amigos, comida increíble, el personal atento estuvimos tan a gusto que nos dieron las tantas, sin duda alguna repetiremos


Trato cercano y agradable,la camarera muy atenta a todo y simpática, la comida exquisita!!! Volveremos seguro!”